2. Down Home is a contradiction and a secret and a history waiting to be read. Down Home is a wound and a joy and a poem, a knot of complication that scholars and reporters have the audacity to assume they know with a little bit of research. But you cannot know a place without loving it and hating it and feeling everything in between. You cannot understand a complex people by only looking at data—something inside you has to crack to let in the light so your eyes and brain and heart can adjust properly.

  3. Paramount Theatre, Oakland.

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    Carlos Marín-Campos, Paisaje onírico I

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    Esta fotografía de Daniel Rodríguez Villa obtuvo una mención honorífica, como parte de las 120 imágenes seleccionadas a partir de la convocatoria “El México de los mexicanos II”, que se muestran en la Galería Abierta de las Rejas de Chapultepec. La imagen muestra a dos mujeres en el Metro de la Ciudad de México y deja ver los contrastes del país. (La imagen original se muestra al centro)

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    A country girl and her friends munch pie after a morning of hunting.  Note the dapper horse, wearing a jaunty cap.  1910s (Scanned by WeirdVintage, from Time Life’s This Fabulous Century—1910-1920, editor: Ezra Bowen)


  10. "When I moved back here in 2010, I drove. I had never driven across the country. When I was driving through Oklahoma, I had a little bit of anxiety, like the opposite of claustrophobia — because there’s just nothing there. And then, I swear, right as I crossed the state line into Arkansas, it got green, and the road started curving, and I was like, ‘OK. This, I’m familiar with. There’s kudzu vines and Chik-fil-A.’ It was all downhill from there."